Monday, March 29, 2010

People who should not write papers

Well today in English III we had to peer edit these 5 page papers. I was thinking hey this won't be bad at all I will just trade with my friend. Then the teacher just hands us back random papers, and the kids that I get of course he cannot write in proper english to save his life!
First off its a persuasive paper and its not supposed to have like sub titles or anything. But his does. Oh and some of the sentences, they just don't make any sense at all!! I'm sitting here thinking you are supposed to be a Junior and your writing abilities are this bad??? It looked like my pen had exploded on this kids paper, I wrote a little note telling me he owed me a new pen! It made me so mad.
He couldn't even use their in the correct pretense, he kept saying there....I mean that is just common sense!

well thats all for today
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